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Histone H3 Total Ab-conjugated Beads

アクティブ・モティフ㈱ / Active Motif

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Active Motif is the first company to offer a method for multiplexing the analysis of histone post-translational modifications (PTMs), enabling you to get the most information using smaller sample amounts and in less time than traditional methods such as Western blot. The Histone H3 PTM Multiplex Assay is a novel high throughput bead-based ELISA assay designed for use with the MAGPIX®, Luminex® 200™ or FLEXMAP 3D® instruments to enable simultaneous interrogation of the levels of multiple histone H3 PTMs within the same sample. The 3-hour assay is ideally suited for high-throughput screening and profiling of histone modification levels of clinical or compound-treated samples. The multiplexing ability means you can simultaneously screen for on-target and off-target effects within the same sample.

The 96-well plate-based assay works with nanogram quantities per well of acid extracted lysates or purified histones. The inclusion of a Histone H3 Total antibody bead set into the multiplex reaction enables normalization of histone PTM levels across samples. To learn more about how the Histone PTM Multiplex Assay works or to read about the Luminex* technology, click on the Method tab below. To view data highlighting the advantages of the Histone PTM Multiplex Assay and its application, click on the Data tab. To view manuals, datasheets and other related documents, click on the Documents tab.

To download a blank 96-well plate template to help with plate set-up, CLICK HERE.

*Luminex is a registered trademark of the Luminex Corporation. Users of the assay products are agreeing to the Luminex terms and conditions as stated in the product manual.




Cat. No. 33116
Unit Size 48 rxns
保管温度 4℃(ブルーアイス納品)
Price(JPY) 40,000

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