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EpiShear Probe Sonicator

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The EpiShear™ Probe Sonicator is a microprocessor-based, ultrasonic processor that offers both programmable and manual operation. It is ideal for shearing chromatin or DNA from small or large sample sizes for use in chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), DNA methylation studies and Next-Gen sequencing. It can also be used for standard cell disruption, RNA shearing and other homogenization applications. EpiShear is backed by a two-year warranty, and is supplied with an ultrasonic electric generator, a piezoelectric converter, a 1/8 microtip probe, converter & power cables, a wrench set and a comprehensive manual.
To increase sample-to-sample reproducibility when using any probe sonicator, use of the EpiShear Cooled Sonication Platform is highly recommended, as it positions the sonicator probe at the exact same depth in your sample each and every sonication.


The EpiShear Probe Sonicator is a compact unit that is rated at 120 watts. With the supplied 1/8 microtip probe, it is capable of processing samples from 500 _l to 15 ml. (Other sizes of microtips are available, which enable the unit to be used with samples from 200 _l up to 50 ml; see Sonicator Accessories.) For additional technical information, please see the Specifications tab.
Key features of the unit are the ability to vary the amplitude of power delivered and to deliver the power in a pulse mode. As sonication generates heat, programming the unit to pulse on and off can be used to prevent heat build up in temperature-sensitive samples. In addition, pulsing enhances processing by allowing the material to settle back under the probe after each burst.
EpiShear has a digital display that makes it easy to program the amplitude and to set the total sonication time, as well as the duration of the On and Off pulse cycles (Figure 1). It also makes it easy to monitor and change sonication parameters, if desired. The display also shows the total elapsed time, and provides real-time energy monitoring of both wattage and joules. Taken together, the many features provided by the EpiShear Probe Sonicator make it possible to obtain more reproducible results when you perform subsequent sonications.
EpiShear features
○Programmable operation _ Set the time and amplitude so you can perform hands-free operation
○Pulse mode _ Prevents the buildup of heat in temperature-sensitive samples
○Digital amplitude / intensity control _ Output intensity can be set from 20% - 100%
○Elapsed time indicator _ Displays duration of sonication
○Display of wattage and joules _ Real-time energy monitoring
○Overload protection _ Prevents damage to circuitry in the event of a fault occurring
○Compact design _ Takes up less space than other units

Spec sheet

Cat. No. 53052
Unit Size
Size 349 mm x 146 mm x 203 mm
サンプルサイズ 200 µl - 50 ml (probe dependent:500 µl - 15 ml with the included 1/8 probe)
Format 230V
Adjustable Amplitude 20% - 100%
タイマー 1 second to 10 hours
Adjustable Pulse 1 second to 59 seconds
Power Rating 120 watts
Output Frequency 20 kHz
Input Voltage 100V - 120V @ 50/60 Hz or220V - 240V @ 50/60 Hz
Price(JPY) 520,000

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